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Commercial Builder, North Carolina

As a commercial builder serving the Hickory, NC area, we realize that standard quality is far from acceptable.

Commercial BuilderThis is where we come in at Christopher-Thomas Construction, Inc. As a commercial builder in the Hickory, North Carolina area, not only are we dedicated to using the latest construction procedures in the industry, but we also have vast experience working on projects of all types. We guarantee that we will lead your building project to success from the day you reach out to us to the day it is completed.Your commercial builder should be accustomed to working on building projects of various scopes and remain committed to staying on top of the latest building practices in the industry. However, finding a commercial builder who possesses these critical qualities is not exactly easy to find.

Every project we are presented with is approached in a very “hands on” manner. This means that we are not afraid to get involved with the small details, and we never leave anything undone. Ultimately, by paying attention to the small things, we ensure the timeliness, efficiency, and quality of every project we work on.

How Being a Commercial Builder is Different

At Christopher-Thomas Construction, Inc., we have certainly done our share of residential projects throughout North Carolina, and our work ethic and commitment carry over to being a commercial builder, as well. However, there are some things that are quite a bit different when we put on our commercial “hat” as it were. Here are a few examples of how being a commercial builder is different:

  • Perpetuality- When you build a home, you are generally looking only to the years you will live in it. A business is a different creature because of its perpetuality. In other words, it is anticipated that the business will continue far beyond your lifetime. While even commercial buildings rarely last indefinitely, as a commercial builder, that has to be our goal, and that means paying attention to structural integrity right down to the smallest details.
  • Many Bosses- When we build a home, we are usually dealing with just a couple of people, perhaps with the input of the children. However, as a commercial builder, we have to exhibit exceptional communication skills because we are dealing with more people, such as several partners, a board of directors, or a large corporation’s acquisition department.
  • Community Safety- Commercial projects can be quite large and have an impact on the community in several ways. As a commercial builder, it is our responsibility to maintain a safe work site to protect against injuries. We also have to take appropriate measures to protect your project from vandalism, theft, and other criminal activity.

We realize that when it comes to commercial building projects, standard quality is far from acceptable. Regardless of whether we build you an entirely new office from the ground up or renovate your existing location, you can rest easy knowing that we will go above and beyond during every phase. For more information about why you should hire us as your commercial builder and what sets our team apart, contact us at Christopher-Thomas Construction, Inc. today.

At Christopher-Thomas Construction, Inc., our commercial builders offer services throughout North Carolina, including Hickory, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Garner, Apex, Morrisville, and Knightdale.